Docflow is a quick to learn record-keeping and communication tool designed for trucking tractor/trailer inspections and repairs.

Doc Listing (PHONE)

Doc Listing (DESKTOP)

Common Workflow for
Tractor/Trailer Repairs/Inspections

Design goals of the Docflow system:

Favour simplicity: Don't try to do everything (but do the most important things well).
Make knowing the status and directing progress of unit maintenance self-serve; make managing the process more real-time; make doing the right thing easier—all from your phone or desktop computer (all features are usable whether on phone, tablet or desktop from the same web app).

How Docflow helps flow:

Drivers can upload one or more pictures (direct from phone camera or photo album) of a peculiar problem which gets attached immeadiately to their request, so it won't have to get shuffled around in email/text/chat. A standard location of documentation can really help everyone else down the line (dispatch/shop/management).

Email notifications automatically go to the right people depending on the status change (new phase kicked off). You don't have to be in the Docflow app when something relevant to you occurs—you'll be kept in the loop.

If you have a paper-based work flow you'd like to reduce, Docflow can help with that. You type request/repairs right into Docflow (avoiding scribbles on paper) and you can also handle paper invoices from third-party shops. You can:

If an invoice is an emailed PDF, those can also be attached.

The Focus: Provide structure to the mechanical maintenance life-cycle, and make record-keeping easy and visible. Keep drivers and mechanics on the same page. Managers can see the requests that are active (the most recently edited docs appear first at the top of the Document Listing), and use on-the-fly Reports / saved searches to find stuff. Example: filter for all docs in PHASE manager, then review and phase to done if all is good (or let's say there's something more to do: restart to PHASE mechanic with a note giving direction).

The Result: Drivers know issues are getting handled. Mechanics know their assignments and see what's in the queue. Dispatchers and managers have up-to-the-minute situational awareness of shop and call-out workload. Each request document is shared—as each user performs their role adding to a document, Docflow keeps the history of changes (easy to lookup the user and timestamp of an edit).

Centralized information, accessible with an internet connection, with convenient ways to search and filter your complete history of active and past inspection and service work in Docflow.